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Alta is my favorite tapas joint in New York thus far. Your experience does depend on what you order though. The restaurant is feels a little mid-evil influenced in design with a lower level and a balcony of seats around the top sides. Quite a beautiful spot.

Here are my fave dishes and what I know to be a great experience:
•Fried Goat Cheese with lavender infused honey: One of the best on the menu. Hands down.
•Avocado Relleno with crabmeat & shrimp, frisee, and orange segments: Another fave on the menu.
•Carpaccio Of Beef horseradish créme frâiche foam, orange supremes: great dish
•Herded Goat Cheese & Artichoke Ravioli tomato water emulsion, preserved lemon, porcini oil
•Seared Sea Scallops Mangalista ham, white asparagus, lemon thyme dressing, pumpkinseed oil
•Crem Brulee: One of my fave creme brulee’s. Served bitesize in three small spoons.

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