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Fatty ‘Cue

Drop in LunchboxNew York, NY

Fatty Cue is an awesome asian influenced sit down BBQ in the West, brought to you by the Fatty Crew. I love the cocktails here, as they do some craft style. One of their specialties is their Fatty Manhattan, which includes their special ingredient they make in-house, smoked Cherry Coca-cola. The food is awesome here too if you order the right things, especially their recently added Smoky Johnson Burger which is one if not my favorite burger in the city(Only available on the late night menu after 12). It’s delicious! However, a new dish just surfaced, the 1/2lb Deep-Fried Bacon. It’s delicious.

My reccos on the menu:
•Kale Salad- Creamy green peppercorn & cincolak dresssing.
•Isaan-Style Duck Laab- a spin off of the Thai Laab dish. A little more spice, and extra punch. Delicious.
•1/2lb Deep-Fried Bacon-’Cue coriander bacon, sweet & spicy salsa verde. Amazing dish.
•Smoked Lam Shoulder-House made pita, spiced goat yogurt
•Smoky Johnson Burger: ‘cue blend, sheep’s milk cheese, mustard  aioli, b&b pickle

Rating ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

Price ★★★☆ 

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