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Chef Jehangir Mehta who was on Iron Chef and started Graffiti as his first baby recently opened his new spot, Methaphor and it’s also a lovely gem. Another favorite of mine in the city. Very punchy with flavors, Mehtaphor too has an experimental mixing of eastern spices. Just like Graffiti, the flavors involved in each dish must be all eaten together to complete the experience. Some are things you wouldn’t expect like “Poprock oysters”, yeah, remember pop rocks when you were a kid? Put them on top of oysters and it makes for a surprisingly good experience amongst the other lovely dishes.

A few of my favorite must try dishes on the menu:

•Poprock Oysters
•Orange Ginger Shrimp Ceviche
•Beef Tartare, Guacamole Sorbet
•Truffle Goat Cheese Crab Pizza
•Onion Seed Shrimp Kebabs
•Spiced Lamb Shank, Garlic Sweet Potatoes
•Graffiti Burger, Garlic Fries, Chipotle Mayonnaise(same burgers as Graffiti)
•Tres Leches, Coconut Pineapple Broth

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