Onken Family Dinners


Welcome to Onken Family Dinners. This site was birthed out of my love of great food, and the idea of family style dining. Sharing food or “breaking bread” with your co-diners not only allows you to try more of what the restaurant has to offer, but subtly creates a space for human connection. It creates a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. While not everyone loves to share their food, I encourage you to give it a try.

Naturally, this website isn’t all restaurants that are for family style dining, but are PRIMARILY oriented towards the quality of food overall, the ambiance second, and the service third.

In this blog, you will only see restaurants that are 7-10. Anything below a 7 won’t make it in. If it’s below a 7, it’s not a memorable place, and the food isn’t up to par. Here’s the breakdown:

7: Sevens have a great quality of food. They are a place that I would come back and eat again as well as recommend to other people. They can be from a hole in the wall to a finer establishment. Ambiance and Service may or may not be that amazing, but the food takes precedence.

8: Eights are a step above. Having the same level of good food, the ambiance and service are a bit better. Some places that feel a bit cozier.

9: Nines are pretty much amazing. The food blows your mind, the ambience makes the experience even better , and the service you don’t even think about because it’s that good.

10: Tens well, that’s a realm of fine dining that I still have yet to get accustomed to. They will be in here, but we’re talking high level French Gastronomy, like say.. French Laundry, or Per Say.